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First Impressions Matter

These days, most first impressions start online.

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression." - Andrew Grant

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group headshot photography grid with the picture of each employee


Multiple Group Headshots Depends on group size
Package Includes:
• 1 look 1 Retouched Hi-Rez image per person
• Color corrections to all images
• Password Protected online gallery
• Images uploaded with in 48-72 hours

1 employee $250 Flat Rate
2-8 employees • $650.00 Flat Rate
9-15 employees • $75.00 Per Person
16-29 employees • $70.00 Per Person
30- ** employees • $65.00 Per Person

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Studio Portraits Vs Environmental Portrait Photography

There are a few different types of headshots 

A Studio portrait or Traditional Corporate headshot is a portrait which will focus less on surroundings and more on the individual by using traditional backdrops. It is usually head and shoulders or half-body shots taken against a background.

An environmental portrait that aims to capture a subject in their natural environment. Unlike a traditional portrait, which is usually shot in a studio or against a plain background, an environmental portrait incorporates the subject's surroundings into the composition. It is usually head and shoulders or half body portraits but could be a different composition per my client’s request.

In summary, environmental portrait photography emphasizes the subject's surroundings and conveys a sense of context, while studio headshots focus solely on the subject's face and are designed to convey a sense of professionalism.