Styling or What to wear.

set of clothing in neutral colors that match for both man and woman

Neutral colors clothing ideas ideal for photosession

Neutral colors are preferable

Just pick up a color palette consist of 3 - 4 colors maximum. No prints or graphic t-shirts is better choice but you don't have to go shopping because of this. Just try to coordinate the clothing from your closet the best you can for better results .

I always help my clients with the wardrobe combination and will put together a fashion/ mood board of outfit examples just like you see on the images above.

earthy tone color scheme for family photoshoot clothing selection in terracotta mustard cream brown shades

Choose a color scheme

I personally like earthy colors for the fall family photoshoot so think about shades of brown, orange, mustard yellow, terracotta, cream. There are plenty of other colors schemes that will work for the family session. We can choose a location first and then color pallets to compliment the specific location.

There are plenty websites and applications that can generate a color pallets for you to help you with outfits selections.